12 pm - 4 pm“They don’t make ‘em like they use to…” How often did we hear our parents say this - usually when something broke, or wore out. Were things really made better? Have our memories gilded the past with a patina that calls out to us now? Take an old car or truck, a tractor or travel trailer, give it a bit of polish and a little love - and something starts to happen. Maybe we remember when it was new. We remember that feeling of pride the first time it headed down the road, the memories that were created through the years.

Vintage Tractor
That’s what we hope to create in Memory Lane – inspired by two successful “Vintage Trailer Show & Shine” events at Georgian Bay Park in 2019 and 2020 and this year including vintage farm equipment, motorcycles, cars and trucks. If your vintage vehicle was built before 1981, it is eligible for a spot on Memory Lane. Vehicles will be parked on short grass beside a gravel drive that will be closed to traffic during the festival. Participants will be given one pass to the festival which includes live music at 5:00 pm after the festival closes. To participate in Memory Lane, please submit your information below. To participate in the Vintage Trailer Show & Shine, click here for more information.


September 10 - 12, 2021 The vision of Georgian Bay Park continues to grow. After the success of the inaugural Vintage Trailer Show & Shine in 2019, Georgian Bay Park adapted to the onslaught of a world pandemic and hosted a socially distant Show & Shine event that met so many different needs for so many different people. Georgian Bay Park believes in “raising the bar” - despite the restrictions we all endured in 2020, we added a live musical performance on the same weekend as the Show & Shine. The Good Brothers - well known for their many performances at the Markham Fair - performed two outdoor shows, both limited to 100 guests, on our own “StageMobile”.

Our 2020 Show & Shine event, and these performances, showed that Georgian Bay Park is more than just a place to put your trailer – it’s a community with the potential to provide so many of the good things in life. Here we are in 2021 – holding on to/secure in/excited by the fact we can see the belief that there is light at the end of the tunnel and Georgian Bay Park is introducing the “Georgian Bay Festival”. The festival will be a one-day celebration of the agricultural roots and future of Tiny Township. The Vintage Trailer Show & Shine will be an integral part of this festival. Vintage trailer guests will be hosted on “Memory Lane” which will be located across from the fairgrounds along the park’s main road. To participate in the Vintage Trailer Show & Shine, click here for more information. These sites are equipped to offer 15-amp electrical service. Trailer guests will have access to our drive-through dump stations and will be able to fill their water tanks with potable water. In this location, the vintage trailers will have more exposure than ever before – Memory Lane will also be populated by vintage tractors, farm equipment and automobiles.